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In-Person Courses

There is nothing like sitting in a classroom, learning from someone in-person.

Hands-on learning: Taking you to the next level.

This is a picture taken from above of a client laying face down on a massage table.  On the left is a grey blanket with the Pinpoint Massage drop pin logo.  There are two large purple massage cups placed just over the base of the spine and lumbar vertebrae.  Elanor's hand is on the client's upper back.

In this class, you will learn the basics of using Massage Cups in your practice.  We will discuss:

  • Proper care and cleaning of the cups

  • Benefits, Contraindications, and Considerations for Cupping

  • Application techniques

  • and more...

This is a 6-hour course and a set of 4 cups is included.

This is a close up picture of a shoulder with four black cups placed from largest to smallest from top down.

In this class, we discuss and learn how to use cups in specific areas of the body.  Each class is mostly hands-on experience and focuses on specific areas of the body, such as Shoulders, Hips to Knees, or Low Back.

Each course is a 4-hour course.  Cups are not provided in this class.  This course is designed for those with previous cupping experience.

For more in-depth cupping instruction, check out Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy

This is the Owl Massage logo owl holding a yellow sign with red letters that says "Click Here"

We will:

  • Learn how to view the body while standing and moving

  • Interpret what the deviations in posture mean

  • Differentiate what muscle groups cause common deviations

  • Discuss the impact of massage on the human structure.

This is a 4-hour class, and is a prerequisite for my Structural Techniques classes.  I also plan to make this an online course in 2024.

Winking Owl

Each class we will discuss a different deviation in the human body.  There will be a brief discussion of the deviation, and what muscles are short vs. long.  This will be followed by hands on instruction of ways to help correct the issue using manual soft tissue techniques.

These classes are schedule to start in Fall 2023 and will be 4-hours each.

This is Elanor giving a massage to a client.  Elanor is standing at the head of the table with a client face down.  She is using her hands to massage down the spine with the left closer to the head of the client and the right around the base of the scapula.  There is a dark blue background, and Elanor is wearing a blue shirt.

In this class we discuss the bare basics of MLD.  We discuss the A&P of the lymphatic system, Indications and Considerations in use of MLD as well as some Manual techniques that you can incorporate into your massage.

This class is a 2-day, 8-hour introduction class.  For full courses or more in-depth courses I suggest checking out ACOLS or KLOSE Training.

Monocle Owl

Anatomy is the coolest thing!  We will be refreshing our Anatomy knowledge, looking at placement using a 3D model as well as some palpation to feel, see and understand the body better.  We will also talk about massage techniques and different ways to address the body.

This class is open to anyone who wants to learn Anatomy.  LMTs and Students are invited to join!  This will be 3 hours each and CEs will be given to LMTs.  

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