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This is a close-up picture of Elanor giving a massage.  She is wearing red glasses and a blue short-sleeved shirt that says Pinpoint Massage and Bodywork, Elanor Sung LMT in white letters.
Elanor standing behind, leaning on the back of a yellow chair.  She is leaning with her left arm folded and her right hand under her chin.  She is wearing a blue shirt with her long blonde hair framing her face.  She is standing against a black background.


This is the logo owl waving a wing instead of holding a monocle.

Elanor Sung began her journey as a Massage Therapist in 2003 at the Utah College of Massage Therapy.  There, she embraced a love for massage and all that surrounds it.  After graduating top of her class from UCMT, she moved back home to Houston and started work as a Massage Therapist.


In 2008, she became a Massage Therapy Instructor and immediately began teaching Continuing Education Classes.  Soon after, she began teaching Massage at a school in Houston.  In 2011, Elanor graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Education. 

Since 2010, Elanor has worked in 2 Houston area Massage Schools as well as participated in legislation and regulation changes in Texas.  In 2016, Elanor stepped away from teaching to focus on building her massage practice.  She currently is the owner and LMT at Pinpoint Massage & Bodywork in the Woodlands, Texas. 

Elanor continues to work on and improve her massage courses.  Each class she develops has more than 45 hours of preparation and development before she puts in as a full course.  She is currently developing a course series for Injuries and Musculoskeletal Conditions.  She also mentors Licensed Massage Therapists who are looking to start their own practice or to become a Massage Therapist Instructor.

Elanor Sung, LMT (MT043080), MTI (MI2005), CEP (CE1234)

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