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Jump Start Your Marketing Challenge

Did you know:  56% of Massage Therapists find their clients online or via social media?

Did you know: 80% of clients find Massage Therapists via an Internet search or through social media?

According to the AMTA, only 37% of therapists use word of mouth as a part of their advertising.  Most therapists are using Social Media, Websites, and Networking amongst other forms of marketing.

So we know we need marketing in our business/career to be successful.  But where do you start?  What do I need before I start figuring out my marketing plan?

Well, that is what the Jump Start Your Marketing Challenge is for!  

Starting September 5, 2022, we will have 14 days of actionable steps to set the foundation of your marketing.  You will learn how to address:

  • What you do

  • How you do it

  • Who to talk to

  • How to talk to them

This Challenge is totally free and will have a live component on discord as well.  This is the only time this will be free, so don't miss out!

Sign up at the link below!

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